Our island

For many centuries Skiathos has been located under the shadow of Athos (mountain of Chalkidiki) resisting the invasion of every attacker on the island from the era of the Pelage since the Turkish domination. Alexandros Papadiamantis and Alexandros Moraitis were considered to be two of the greatest teachers of the language and culture alphabet, both children of the island. Island of the complex of North Sporades, the island of Skiathos is the closest to the peninsula of Magnesia.

Skiathos land…
A beautiful state, which besides the constant residential development retains its old view, because everything that is built follows the aspect of the island’s architecture. In the recent years it’s been greatly extended due to the tourism growth. The biggest part of the island’s population lives here. Nowadays, the capital and the main settlement is located in the place where the ancient so-called town was. There are scenic narrow pathways and streets and a safe port.

Monastery of Evangelistria Papadiamantis Museum Kastro (old town) Koukounaries lake